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Teen Time Skipper 1988


Packing is still in progress and almost at an end, Hubby’s systematically transporting freshly taped boxes. I needed a respite and I still have my pendrive with pictures of my vinyl ladies (and two gentlemen of course, I keep forgetting about m... więcej

Moving houses


Today’s entry is going to be a bit shorter than my standard ones. I’m currently packing all my belongings as well as my daughters’ and husband’s. That’s lots and lots of boxes to be filled. Me and my family are moving to... więcej

Hollywood Hair Barbie 1992


It often happens that I can’t find a particular doll that I have in mind, but my search leads me to something that turns out to be quite a revelation! On that evening, I was looking for one of my Grail Dolls – the Birthday Surprise Barbie... więcej

Standard European/ Canadian Barbie 1976


The superstar Era is so appealing to me that I never really thought I’d cross its borders, but my Standard European/Canadian 1976 Barbie stands exactly between Superstar and MOD. Furthermore, although she bears the lovely Steffie 1971 headmold,... więcej

Dolls of the World Malaysian Barbie 1990


I chose my very first Oriental 1980 molded doll from amongst three candidates. The first one, the beautiful Korean 1988 seemed perfect with her mesmerizing narrow eyes, but sadly, high demand boosts her price and so she remains out of my reach and my... więcej

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